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  1. Trending Now: All That Glitters is Gold – Shop PANDORA 14K Gold Pieces for the Ultimate Summer Look

    When selecting jewelry, women are always told to pick pieces that match their skin tones. Gold goes well with warm, olive skin, whereas silver is perfect for cool, ivory skin tones. This might have been the standard five years ago, but today it’s rather limiting for women who enjoy the warmth gold jewelry brings, but are scared it will clash with their outfit or skin. Our jewelry experts at PANDORA of Quaker Bridge want to highlight some of the gorgeous gold inventory currently in stock,because this summer,…Read More

  2. Celebrate Her Birthday this Month with an Exclusive Collection of Moonstone Jewelry for June

    At PANDORA of Quaker Bridge, we are all about the moonstone for the month of June. This mysterious gem, believed by the Romans to have been formed from the light of the moon, is one of three birthstones given to the month of June. The calming and soothing ambiance of the moonstone radiates healing, balance, and harmony to all those who possess it. PANDORA of Quaker Bridge wants to celebrate the month of June with its wide selection of moonstone jewelry, perfect for a special lady in your life born this month. Whether you are looking for a moonstone PANDORA ring in the Princeton, NJ area to s…Read More

  3. Celebrate the Special Women in Your Life with Our Mother’s Day Gift Inspiration Guide

    In the United States, the tradition of Mother’s Day began in 1908 and became a national holiday in 1914. Since its inception, we celebrate our mothers every second Sunday in May with gifts, favors, appreciation, and love. This year, treat mom to something even better than a vase of flowers -- get her something special from PANDORA of Quaker Bridge, the number one store to find authentic PANDORA in the Princeton, NJ area. On your quest to find the perfect gift, the jewelry experts at PANDORA of Quaker Bridge have handpicked some of their favorite jewelry designs for all of the special women…Read More

  4. PANDORA of Quaker Bridge Partnered with the Autism Cares Foundation to Create a Special Charm for Autism Awareness

    We’re partnering with the Autism Cares Foundation by creating an autism awareness limited edition charm. When you purchase this one of a kind PANDORA charm, 20% of the proceeds will go directly to the Autism Cares Foundation. PANDORA of Quaker Bridge offers an extensive collection PANDORA Jewelry, located near Princeton, NJ. We are happy to support a cause so dear to our hearts by offering the autism awareness charm for the Autism Cares Foundation. The Autism Awareness Foundation was founded by a concerned group of parents who all had one thing in common: They were raising children with auti…Read More

  5. In-Store Event: Spend $125 or More With Us and Get a Free Bracelet

    Spring is in the air and PANDORA of Quaker Bridge has an exclusive in-store event that you don’t want to miss. What’s a better way to celebrate spring than with PANDORA birthstone jewelry or feminine floral pieces that accent the approaching warm weather? We invite you to check out the latest inventory, where if you spend $125 or more, you get a bracelet for free! Whether you are looking for charms, necklaces, earrings, or PANDORA rings, in Princeton, NJ, our Quaker Bridge store has an extensive collection of authentic PANDORA jewelry.    There are so many different combinations the poss…Read More

  6. Highlighting Our PANDORA Rose Collection

    If you know anything about PANDORA, you’ve probably heard of our PANDORA Rose Collection before. But, have you ever given it much thought? If you answered no (or even if you answered yes!) and you’d like to learn more about the collection, keep reading, because in this blog we’re going to highlight our PANDORA Rose Collection, which consists of PANDORA jewelry that we sell in Princeton, NJ, and other local areas. What exactly is PANDORA Rose? Good question. Although the PANDORA Rose Collection sounds like it consists of jewelry made from Rose Gold, that’s actually not the case. The uni…Read More

  7. Show Your Mom Appreciation This Valentine’s Day

    One of our favorite holidays is rapidly approaching. And you’ve probably already guessed what it is... that’s right, Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays for many reasons, the main one being that you can show your loved ones how much you care for and appreciate them. Here at PANDORA of Quaker Bridge, we’d like to help you with that. We sell jewelry and embellishments, such as PANDORA beads in Trenton, NJ, and other local areas, that people can turn to when they aren’t looking for just any jewelry. If you want to find a gift for your mom, and show her jus…Read More

  8. 4 Special Occasions to Buy a PANDORA Gift

    Happy holidays! If you want to buy your loved ones beautiful and charming jewelry, but not just any jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. At PANDORA of Quaker Bridge, we know that PANDORA is no ordinary brand, which means that we’re no ordinary store. Every piece holds exceptional value and is unique in its own way. Of course, if you’re giving a PANDORA bracelet or charm in East Windsor, NJ, and the surrounding areas, as a gift, you probably want it to be for a special occasion. So, just what are some of the different occasions to buy a gift from PANDORA of Quaker Bridge for a loved o…Read More

  9. A Brief History of the PANDORA Rose Collection

    Even the name sounds elegant: PANDORA Rose. If you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect piece of PANDORA jewelry around Princeton, NJ and nearby, then we have exactly what you’ve been waiting for. The holiday season is coming up, and almost everyone is wondering what they should buy for their loved ones or for that special someone. If there’s a person in your life who seems like they already have everything, then consider giving them a gift from our PANDORA Rose Collection. What is the PANDORA Rose Collection? Although the PANDORA Rose Collection sounds like it consists of jewe…Read More

  10. Find the Unique PANDORA ESSENCE Collection at PANDORA Quaker Bridge

    Do you want jewelry that matches your mood and personality? If you did, we wouldn’t be surprised, because most people do. Every woman wants a unique piece of jewelry that screams excitedly to the world, “This is who I am!” But of course, it has to be beautiful and like nothing else. Well, at PANDORA Quaker Bridge, we have the perfect collection for you. You can find beautiful, yet unique jewelry here that matches your style and personality, and when you climb that mountain or go up on that rooftop, you can shout at the top of your lungs, “this is who I am!” PANDORA ESSENCE Collection…Read More