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  1. How to Impress This Valentine’s Day Without Breaking the Bank

    Valentine's Day is a beautiful day for showing your loved one how much you care. The only problem with Valentine's Day is that it can get pretty expensive. Between surprising her with flowers at work, purchasing a gift, taking her to a fancy dinner and spreading rose petals all over your bed --it can all add up quickly. Luckily PANDORA Quaker Bridge is here to save the day! The following is our list of the top ways to impress her this Valentine's Day without breaking the bank: Buy her the perfect gift for less- PANDORA jewelry makes a wonderful Valentine's Day gift, and the best part about it…Read More

  2. Reach for the Stars with PANDORA

    Have you been dying to get a PANDORA bracelet of your own, but you've been holding off because you don't think you can afford one? If so, then your wait is over. Now is the perfect time to get PANDORA bracelets and charms of your very own, because we are offering some pretty incredible deals right now, one of which will have you reaching for the stars! The PANDORA Stargazer Bracelet Gift Set is now on sale for $200, and it is the perfect set for someone who is new to PANDORA. The PANDORA Stargazer Gift Set allows you to enjoy one of our favorite bracelet sets, while saving yourself $60! This s…Read More

  3. Don’t Miss Out on Your Free Charm!

    A big part of what makes PANDORA so popular are their bracelets and charms. Although charm bracelets are not necessarily a new thing, PANDORA is one of the first companies to make them for adults. If you haven’t a had a chance to peruse PANDORA’s impressive collection of over 600 charms, now is the perfect time to do so! When you shop at our PANDORA store in New Jersey between December 26-28, you can get a free charm when you make a PANDORA purchase of $100 or more! This amazing deal will help you to save so much, and is the perfect opportunity for you to get what you really w…Read More

  4. Disney Makes Holidays Unforgettable

    The holidays are almost here! It is the season of giving, love and togetherness. During this time of the year, hearts are full, smiles are wide, and there is a magic in the air that only the holidays can bring. The holidays are already an incredible time of the year, but if you are looking for a gift to make them unforgettable, then PANDORA Quaker Bridge is here for you! We have all of your tried and true favorite pieces of PANDORA jewelry, like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, but what we are really excited about this season is our new Disney collection! There is nothing quite like Disney …Read More