At PANDORA of Quaker Bridge, we are all about the moonstone for the month of June. This mysterious gem, believed by the Romans to have been formed from the light of the moon, is one of three birthstones given to the month of June. The calming and soothing ambiance of the moonstone radiates healing, balance, and harmony to all those who possess it.

PANDORA of Quaker Bridge wants to celebrate the month of June with its wide selection of moonstone jewelry, perfect for a special lady in your life born this month. Whether you are looking for a moonstone PANDORA ring in the Princeton, NJ area to surprise her for an anniversary, or a pair of earrings for her birthday, PANDORA of Quaker Bridge has it all.

Today, we showcase our favorite pieces from our Moonstone collection:

  1. June Petites, Grey Moonstone & Clear CZ
  2. This set of petites features a stone-studded droplet, a smooth silver heart, and grey moonstone that look remarkable when placed into a PANDORA floating locket. This is a perfect gift for any woman born in June, or a great gift choice for a woman with a child born in June. Floating lockets can be purchased in medium and large sizes, capable of holding multiple birthstones in one locket.

  3. June Droplet, Grey Moonstone Ring
  4. The grey moonstone ring is available in seven sizes ranging from 4.5 – 9. The dome flower cut is simple and feminine, and is an excellent addition to PANDORA’s other moonstone pieces. This ring can be worn alone for a minimalist statement, or is perfectly stackable with other PANDORA droplet series rings.

  5. June Droplet Grey Moonstone Pendant
  6. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s really pendants that are a girl’s best friend! The striking grey moonstone pendant hangs delicately around the neck, and isn’t too overwhelming for just the right amount of charm. Pair this pendant with a fully adjustable sterling silver necklace chain for the complete set.

PANDORA of Quaker Bridge invites you to discover our June birthstone collection of fine moonstone jewelry! Not only do we have June birthstones, but every other month as well! Stop into our store today to learn more about all of our collections and PANDORA charms in the Princeton, NJ area, or visit our website for a convenient shopping experience