Do you want jewelry that matches your mood and personality? If you did, we wouldn’t be surprised, because most people do. Every woman wants a unique piece of jewelry that screams excitedly to the world, “This is who I am!” But of course, it has to be beautiful and like nothing else. Well, at PANDORA Quaker Bridge, we have the perfect collection for you. You can find beautiful, yet unique jewelry here that matches your style and personality, and when you climb that mountain or go up on that rooftop, you can shout at the top of your lungs, “this is who I am!”

PANDORA ESSENCE Collection Bracelets and Charms
The PANDORA ESSENCE Collection is a unique jewelry line that’s more delicate than the other PANDORA lines. The items are meant to elevate every outfit, and although they have a minimal design, they also have a major impact. The collection will help you make a stylish statement through its colorful charms and slim design. There are exquisite pieces of jewelry in it that you can wear alone or layer with other bracelets and charms to bring a multidimensional style to the table. The different bracelets and charms from the PANDORA ESSENCE Collection also allow you to show off your personality. Their charms have various meanings including peace, friendship, love, freedom, confidence, and more.

PANDORA ESSENCE Collection Necklaces
Another way to express your style and personality is through our PANDORA ESSENCE Collection necklaces. You’ll be able to find stunning beaded necklaces as well as elegant sterling silver necklaces on our website and in our PANDORA Quaker Bridge Mall store. All of these necklaces are meant to please you or that special someone in your life for years to come.

So, tell your personal story with us. Or celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones. With the PANDORA ESSENCE Collection, everything from slender bracelets and bangles to delicate, hand-finished charms can be found. The charms will slide effortlessly into place on the necklaces and bracelets, and you’ll be wondering where they were all your life.

To learn more about the PANDORA ESSENCE Collection, contact us at 609-402-9036.