If you know anything about PANDORA, you’ve probably heard of our PANDORA Rose Collection before. But, have you ever given it much thought?

If you answered no (or even if you answered yes!) and you’d like to learn more about the collection, keep reading, because in this blog we’re going to highlight our PANDORA Rose Collection, which consists of PANDORA jewelry that we sell in Princeton, NJ, and other local areas.

What exactly is PANDORA Rose?

Good question. Although the PANDORA Rose Collection sounds like it consists of jewelry made from Rose Gold, that’s actually not the case. The unique PANDORA metal blend mainly consists of silver and copper. Then, we encase the jewelry pieces in a layer of 14kt rose gold plating to prevent oxidation from occurring, which will also provide the them with a romantic and warm pink color. This collection features some of the best-selling classics and also exciting new designs that are crafted using the unique blend.

What sizes are available for the bracelets?

Currently, our PANDORA Rose clasp bracelet is available in the following sizes: 9.1 in., 8.3 in., 7.9 in., 7.5 in., 7.1 in., and 6.7 in. Browse online or come to one of our PANDORA stores to find the bracelet that speaks to you!

How can I clean my PANDORA Rose Jewelry?

As one of the more innovative pieces of jewelry in the industry, the PANDORA Rose Collection deserves special care. We recommend using a chemical free soft cloth to polish the jewelry to help maintain the unique finish and beautiful shine. It’s best to dampen the cloth with lukewarm water, adding a small drop a mild soap, and rub the jewelry gently. The warm pink-hued color may intensify with age because of tarnishing, but this will add to its beautiful and vintage appeal.

If you’re interested in PANDORA rings and jewelry in Princeton, NJ, we invite you to visit our location anytime we’re open! To learn more about our PANDORA Rose Collection and how to find something for you or a loved one, give us a call at 609-402-9036.