PANDORA’s charm and bracelet concept includes more than 600 different authentic charms and clips, which you can combine with our specially designed bracelets in sterling silver, two-tone, 14k gold, leather or color cord.

The snake bracelet has a unique threading system so only PANDORA charms can fit on the bracelet.  If you take a look inside the charm, you will see the threading, which screws on the bracelet and over the threads.  To lock the charms in place, we use clips, which we can place over the threads.  The closure is the barrel – which is unique to PANDORA’s style and design.


PANDORA offers a large selection of rings, including stackable rings with gemstones, stones and cultured pearls, giving you endless possibilities to mix and match the pieces to fit any occasion.

The PANDORA Rings category consists of two sub-categories:

1.       Stackable rings that can be combined with other rings to make multiple different looks.

2.       Coordinate rings, which are standalone pieces that are not stackable, but are worn on their own.


PANDORA’s earrings concept allows you to combine your favorite hoop or posts with your favorite earring charm, creating your own, distinct look.  You can also choose from a range of unique studs and hanging earrings, matching any occasion.


Our range of necklaces and pendants covers  a great variety of materials and designs.  Mix sterling silver and 14k gold with two-tone necklaces, and add pendants and clips to express your personal style.

Our PANDORA jewelry store offers chains in multiple lengths and precious metals, which can be used with pendants or charms from the Moments collection.