Who doesn’t love jewelry?

PANDORA jewelry has a way of amping up any look and turning any frown upside down. Jewelry lovers all over New Jersey have found a wide variety of must-have pieces when they shop PANDORA Quaker Bridge, but even the most enthusiastic jewelry lovers don’t seem to know a lot of the most interesting things about jewelry. In our last blog, we started giving you interesting facts about jewelry. Today, we will be finishing up our list!

More interesting facts about jewelry:

  • The most important quality of some stones, like rubies, sapphires and emeralds, isn’t their size or shape, it’s their color clarity!
  • The only pure gold is yellow gold. Pink, white and other popular gold colors can only be created by blending gold with another metal.
  • Only about 1 oyster out of 10,000 will produce a pearl.
  • Some ancient societies believed that opals were pieces of heaven that fell from the sky during heavy storms.
  • The origin of birthstones dates back to the time of Moses, when Aaron, a high priest, was believed to wear 12 colored stones on his breast plate to represent the 12 tribes of Israel. Over time, the stones were worn by people to represent each month, and eventually they wore their own birthstone for the entire year.
  • Only about 1 in a million mined diamonds will be put into jewelry.
  • In ancient societies, all yellow stones were referred to as Topaz and all blue stones were referred to as Sapphires.
  • During the metal age, jewelry evolved greatly and it became much more artistic, similar to the jewelry we wear today.