Have you had a chance to read our previous blog yet? If you have, then you already know that you don’t have to break the bank to give her a Valentine’s Day to remember this year. To recap, we talked about how buying her jewelry from our PANDORA store in New Jersey and cooking her a homemade dinner could help you to save big, but those aren’t the only things you can do to save! The following is a list of the last few things you can do to save more money this Valentine’s Day, while still impressing your love:

  • Complete some items off of your honey-do list- If your relationship is a typical one, there are probably a few things around the house that she’s been asking you to do for months now. You don’t have to make a grand gesture of love this Valentine’s Day. By checking off a couple of items on your honey-do list, she will feel not only loved but also heard!
  • Have a picnic at home- It may be fun to get dressed up and go out for a nice dinner, but it will be much more romantic to have a picnic in your living room. Light some candles, spread out a blanket and surprise her with her favorite take out!
  • Buy flowers from the grocery store- You don’t have to overspend on flowers! You can save quite a bit when you decide to forego the florist and buy flowers at your local grocery store. As long as they keep their flowers refrigerated, they are likely to last just as long as the flowers at the florist. You could even surprise her by delivering the flowers yourself!