PANDORA charms are totally unique, and that is why we love them so much at Urban Fusion – Quaker Bridge in Lawrence, New Jersey. We have a wide selection of charms, from Disney to our Rose Collection, and more.

We have been exploring the significance of colors and their meanings. Color can add a whole new dimension of meaning to the charms you choose to express yourself. In this blog, we are going to look at blue.

Blue creates a sense of order, relaxation, and calmness by reducing stress. It is reliable and responsible and represents confidence and inner security. It is often for the person who is reserved and quiet, and indicates trust, loyalty, and honesty. Spiritual and generous, blue indicates a desire to build strong relationships as well as predictability, conservativity, and safety. It does not like change. It lives in the past, constantly connecting the present and the future to the past.

Do you like a variation on blue? Check these out:

  • Pale blue stands for creativity and the freedom you need to break free.
  • Sky blue awakens fidelity and healing. It is one of the most calm colors and inspires selfless love.
  • Azure blue indicates ambition, determination and a sense of purpose.  
  • Dark blue stands for responsibility. It is compassionate, but can have trouble showing it because its emotions run deep. It is often used in the corporate world.

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