Pandora charms come in many colors, because we want you to be able to fully express who you are and what you like. Colors are a magnificent way to say a lot without actually speaking – each color has rich meanings. In this blog series, we have been exploring the colors of the rainbow and their meanings. In this entry, we will explore green!

Green is a balanced color – it balances emotions and heart. It stands for growth, renewal, rebirth, reliability, and dependability. Because it is a combination of blue and yellow, it brings together the optimism and mental clarity of yellow with the insight and emotional calm of blue. It is the color of the home lover and the garden lover, and it stands for prosperity and abundance. It is an emotionally positive color, the color of the peacemaker and the counselor.

Do you like a variation on green? Check out these different shades of green and their meanings.

  • Pale green stands for youthfulness, inexperience, new perspective, and a fresh start.
  • Jade green stands for trust, tact, diplomacy, generosity, and wisdom.
  • Emerald green stands for inspiration, abundance, well-being, and creativity.
  • Olive green stands for strength of character, caring, and understanding.
  • Lime green stands for playfulness, naivete, anticipation, and youthfulness.

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