Pandora charms come in all shapes and colors, because we are here to help every personality shine – including yours! Jewelry is a magnificent way to express yourself. It simplicity and effectiveness is unmatched.

In our past few blogs, we have explored the meanings of colors and how you can express yourself with them. In this blog, we are going to explore purple and what it says about you when you wear it.

Purple is a magical, mysterious color. It represents spirituality, creativity, and royalty. It is combination of the warmest and coolest colors – red and blue – and its characteristics follow. Red indicates focus, energy, and dynamism. Blue stands for coolness and calmness. When you bring these two together, the expansiveness of blue is tempered by the practicality of red, which allows creativity to come through.

If you enjoy a variation on pure purple, there are many to choose from. These are the main families and what they mean:

  • Light purple indicates light-heartedness, romance, and flowers.
  • Dark purple stands for intellect and dignity.

We carry charms in many different colors, because colors are important. Each one says something different. As we head into the holidays, Pandora charms are the perfect gifts for mothers, sisters, friends, and beyond. Explore our diverse selection and we guarantee you will find a perfect gift for each one. The best thing is, our charms are so unique, everyone will be touched by the thought you put into your gifts.

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