As we head into fall, the trees will turn gorgeous colors. This is a perfect opportunity to echo them with your Pandora charms. We offer charms that you can combine in whatever way expresses you. In these blogs, we have already gone over two very common fall colors – red and orange – and now, we get to talk about yellow! If you have bought a yellow charm or yellow is your favorite color, read on!

Yellow is the color of sunshine. It stands for joy, happiness, energy, and intellect, loyalty, and strength. It arouses cheerfulness and generates muscle energy. It is often connected with food. It is also a great attention-getter — that’s the reason why taxis are yellow. It is also seen before other colors because of its brightness. If it is used too much, it can be disturbing: babies have been known to cry more in yellow rooms. Whyever you love yellow, it is a bright, warm, dynamic color that has the ability to lift anyone’s spirits.

Do you like a variation on yellow? There are many, and they have meanings, too! Yellow variations and their meanings include:

  • Dull yellow stands for caution, jealousy, decay, and sickness
  • Light yellow is connected with freshness, intellect, and joy.

Our Pandora charms look wonderful when gleaming against a glove or sweater. Our earrings go perfectly with scarves and coats. When you need that extra shine that is uniquely yours, Pandora is the place to get it. Explore the diverse selection of Urban Fusion – Quaker Bridge today!