How would you like a bracelet that’s not only beautiful but also affordable? Imagine wearing a sparkly piece of jewelry on your wrist that’s reflecting the light and catching the eye of everyone around you. When you shop at PANDORA Quaker Bridge, you can experience that sensation, all without having to break the bank.


At PANDORA Quaker Bridge, we’re your best source for PANDORA jewelry. We have everything from rings to charms to necklaces, and of course, bracelets. Whether you’d like to enhance your outfit, show your loved one how much you care or mark a special occasion, we’re here to help.


But the pressing question is: what’s the value of a PANDORA bracelet?


At our store, you’ll find PANDORA bracelets of many different sizes and colors. All you have to do is stop by, and you’ll find Classic, Bangles, Leather, Symbols, Multi-Strand, PANDORA Rose™ and even Disney bracelets. Go ahead and look for the bracelet of your dreams, we guarantee you’ll be able to find one. Each and every one of our bracelets is available at an affordable price that will fit your budget. You can even shop by price. Here are a few examples of our PANDORA bracelets and their prices:


  • PANDORA bracelet in sterling silver with a heart shaped clasp – $65.00
  • PANDORA signature snap bracelet in sterling silver – $65.00
  • PANDORA bracelet in sterling silver with a lobster clasp – $45.00
  • Black braided double-leather charm bracelet – $45.00
  • Disney Mickey silhouette bracelet – $65.00
  • PANDORA twinkling forever bangle bracelet – $100.00
  • Silver round clasp leather bracelet, double, in honeysuckle pink – $50.00


If one or more of these bracelets strikes your fancy, we encourage you to browse through our selection. You may just find the next piece of jewelry that you’ll be wearing and showing off for years to come. We hope this answered your question about the value of a PANDORA bracelet, although we believe that they’re actually invaluable. So surprise a loved one or buy one for yourself as a treat for working so hard lately. You never know how many people you’ll impress.


To learn more about our PANDORA bracelets, we invite you to browse our inventory in-store.